Slow PyTorch CPU performance.

I'm writing a paper about modern Deep Learning Architectures. In a process of experimentation, I was writing specifically how much faster is GPU than a CPU. My configuration was quite good (I know you all have TITAN V at your disposal, but still): GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (8Gb), Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2630 v4 I was … Continue reading Slow PyTorch CPU performance.


[5] Back to basics

After couple hours of trying to implement Convolutional Neural Network, I've changed my goal. I got back to Coursera and began to continue learning the basics of neural nets. I'm already at the second week of Neural Networks and Deep Learning. My plan is to finish this course until the end of this week. Following courses … Continue reading [5] Back to basics

[3] Paper on Master’s seminar

Yesterday I was finishing my paper in today's Masters' seminar. I was supposed to present Convolutional Neural Networks from the architectural point of view. As it turned out (as always with my thesis supervisor) I am now pivoting to very detailed, mathematical explanation of every operation in ConvNets (short for Convolutional Neural Networks). So several … Continue reading [3] Paper on Master’s seminar

[1] ¡Hola! I follow the crowd with the HYPE!

I've decided to publish my progress with becoming a Machine Learning Engineer. Currently, I'm a software developer with little more than a year of commercial experience. I've finished my engineering degree at the beginning of the 2017 year. Maybe I will share details about myself in near future (you can stalk me if you want). I decided … Continue reading [1] ¡Hola! I follow the crowd with the HYPE!